13.Findings of the Study

Life Priced, Do not fight, Peace no war, PBUY

3.0  Findings of the Study
The completed survey forms were analyzed. Details of the data can be found in Appendix 2.
3.1 Details of the Respondents
Report your first finding. Figure 1 shows the gender of the respondents.
Put your graph / chart after the description. Give a title beneath the chart.
3.2 Reasons for going to the library.
Report your findings.

Example 2
3.6 Facilities to be Upgraded.
Majority of the respondents wanted marker pens  and duster to be provided (95.5% and 80.5% respectively). Slightly less than three-quarter of the respondents wanted the chairs and tables to be upgraded. This is represented by 72.3% for chairs and 70.8% for tables.  Regarding the projector and electrical plugs, only half of the respondents (55.2% and 50.0% respectively) wanted them to be upgraded.  Lastly, only 45% of the respondents wanted the curtain to be provided/replaced. Figure 6 refers to the facilities to be upgraded.


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