3. Summary of Report

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Libraries are one of the important places in students’ life. Libraries house reference materials for students to use to prepare for assignments and projects. Libraries are also served as a meeting place for students to have discussions. FSPU PTAR is one of the PTAR libraries in UiTM. The study intended to determine the utilization of this library among the Estate Management students (purpose). Specifically, the study determined the reasons students go to the library, time and frequency of going to the library and the types of facilities that students use when they go to the library………….(objectives). A survey method was used and a set of questionnaire consisting of 12 questions was distributed to 30 Part 3 Estate Management students randomly (methodology). The findings showed that students went to the library to borrow books, read newspapers, surf the Internet, print documents, study and have discussion……………….(findings). The following recommendations were made:
·        recommendation 1
·        recommendation 2

1.       Purpose
2.       Objectives
3.       Methodology
4.       Findings
5.       Recommendations

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