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It is where you define the scope of your report and it provides the following information:

         The name and position of the person who instructed you to prepare the report

         The date on which you were instructed to do so

         Your name and position

         The purpose and general description of the scope, locality or perimeters of your report.

         The date on which the report must be submitted. 

You can also include your term of reference in a covering letter, which accompanies your report. That letter is called a Letter of Transmittal. It quotes the authority for the report and states the terms of reference. It also serves as an acknowledgement of the instruction to submit the report.
Change No 2 & No 3 à Dr Anealka Aziz Hussin, BEL422 Instructor

Change No 5 à your course i.e. AT220 students / BM220 students

Change No 6 à purpose of your study

Change No 7 à date of the last day of class

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