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Assignment 1: Individual

1.       Find 2 brand names from any type of products.
a)      One brand name that you feel is successful.
b)      One brand name that you feel is not successful.

2.       By using the characteristics of a good brand name as your guidance, analyze both of the brand names and explain how each brand name satisfies the characteristics. Please refer to Chapter 3 and 4 from your scheme of work.

3.       Next, describe how both brands could enhance their brand equity.

4.       Your answer should be:
a)         Type-written.
b)        Font Arial size 11.
c)         1.5 paragraph spacing.
d)        Must include both illustrations of the brand names.
e)        Explanations should all be in form of an essay.  No point forms or incomplete sentences will be accepted.
f)          Medium of answer must be in English.

Your deadline is by the 3rd SEMINAR or submit your answer through my e-mail:

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